Location (call for directions):
Bluffdale - 20 miles south of Salt Lake, about 5 miles off of I-15






All of our trailers include the following:

  • Full kitchen, including pots, pans, cooking utinsels, etc... see inventory for more details
  • Air Conditioning (portable AC with the Toyhauler)
  • Microwave
  • Full Bathroom
  • Hot Water
  • 2-3 burner Stove (the 19' Jayfeather also has an oven)
  • 1-2 batteries
  • Fridge and Freezer
  • CD player
  • TV Antenna (the 19' Jayfeather come with TV)
  • Heater
  • Stabilizer jacks
  • Power Awning (except the 15' Retro and 14' Toyhauler)
  • 80-130 Watt Solar panels!! - nobody else offers this!
  • 110 outlets (like in your house), Microwave and A/C - will not operate unless you have either a large generator or electrical hook-ups










    Check Availability and Reserve here

    A link to a calendar for each trailer is just below each trailer's description.

    Call, email or book online to make reservations, we do have a 4 day minimum, except with the 15' Retro has a 3 day option.

    Click on the blue link to make online reservations now or check for availability. This online program allows you to safely put your credit card down to hold your dates. I will email you to get specifics, and confirm your reservations.

    Phone/Cell: 801-520-9759
    email: HarmonieWheeler@gmail.com

    In order to hold your dates I will need your reservation deposit (half of rental fee).

    15' Retro

    retro retro retro 155 Retro 15' Floorplan
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    Ultra light 2000 pounds. Sleeps up to 3 comfortably, dinette, bathroom, kitchen, 80 watt solar panel, kitchen supplies, cutest trailer in the campground! It is also small with only an 11 gallon fresh water tank, a 5 gallon black tank and a gray water hose (similar to tent trailers). Yes a 6 cylinder SUV or even van can tow this little one, You will be the talk of the campground when you pull up with this cutie. $79 per day with 5 days or $89 per day for 4 days. This is also the only trailer that has a 3 day option for $99 per day. click on the reserve now button to book it:)

    19' Jay Feather hybrid

    jayfeather jayfeather jayfeather jayfeather 2014 X19H Floorplan
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    Ultra light 3600 pounds. Sleeps 6-8 comfortably, dinette and Sofa, full bathroom, DVD/TV, Radio with Aux, CD player, furnace/heater, water heater, awning, large fridge/freezer, plus a couple things only Wheeler Rentals trailers include such as a 130 watt solar panel and all your kitchen supplies! Yes even a 6 cylinder SUV should be able to tow this one, so stop thinking your limited to a tent trailer. Starting as low as $89 per day with 5 days, $99 per day for 4 days, days beyond 5 days drop down to $80 per day.

    26' Jayflight

    Jayflight interior Jayflight interior Jaylight interior Jayflight floor plan
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    Sleeps 7-9 and weighs 4900 pounds, Queen bed with full walk around, Bunk beds one full and one single, couch and dinette, full bathroom, Radio with Aux, CD player, furnace/heater, water heater, power awning, fridge/freezer, plus a couple things only Wheeler Rentals trailers include such as a 130 watt solar panel and all your kitchen supplies! Starting as low as $89 per day with 5 days, $99 per day for 4 days, days beyond 5 days drop down to $80 per day. We will also allow some low shedding small to medium breeds of dogs in this trailer for an additional $75 pet fee.


    (Kitchen supplies and Solar panel included in price)

      5 Days 4 Days 3 Days Min Days Additional Days
    19' and 26' Jayco's $89 per day $99 per day N/A 4 Days $80 per day

    15' Retro

    $79 per day $89 per day $99 per day 3 Days $70 per day

    No pick up or drop off on Sunday

    Additional services

    Weight Distribution/anti-sway hitch (equalizer hitch) including ball   $30

    Dump Black and Gray tanks ............................. $40

    Generator.................................$20 with a 4 day minimum, 000 Watt. fyi. The generator will not fit inside of the trailers, you will need a truck or SUV to put it in.

    Delivery or pick up at your location................... $100 min. each way or $1 / mile that I have to drive, plus gas (includes insurance, propane fill-up, waste dumping and setting up).

    Cleaning fee..................................................... $75 (We will charge this fee if not brought back just as clean as you took it).

    Linens and camping supplies...........................$15 per person depending on needs.

    About Us

    We started our travel trailer rental business in the Summer of 2002. I wanted a trailer and didn't want to purchase another liability. So I started Wheeler Rentals LLC. I wanted to offer travel trailers at a price that most could afford and make it easier to camp by including the kitchen supplies and solar panel. I wanted to offer a better product for less. One of my neighbors got curious and asked me to rent their trailer. I already had the website, the contracts, the credit card machine and all the necessary licenses and insurance, so it seamed a smart way to grow. So the consignment service was started. I do require all of my owners to do the actual walk through and stock the trailers with everything on our inventory list. Wheeler Rentals does everything else. You will usually be dealing with just one person through the process. Most of my owners are not new to renting, so don't feel like your borrowing someone's personal trailer, unless that's how you want to feel. Due to the consignments I don't actually have a lot, or put my addresses on the website. Most of my trailers are rented out most of the time so I don't put my address on the website to save you a trip to a possibly empty lot. If you see that its home on its calendar and you would like to see one, give me a call and I can arrange a time for you.

    After operating for 15 yrs, I understand why everyone else costs so much. Even with my low overhead, Travel trailers are just very expensive to keep up. So forgive me that we do this on the side. I can't quit my day job, (I am a mother of 4, and a fitness instructor).

    I do my very best to answer all the phone calls but am often very busy. I appreciate those who leave a message, I am pretty good about getting back to you. I try to have everything on line so you don't usually need to talk to me until your ready. I am home during the day and often on the computer so give me a call or email me, I will get back to you.

    I do have several return renters and most people are very pleased. Personally I love to see the trailers go, I think its fun to watch people go on vacation and enjoy family or friend time together. Most of my renters also seam to be very intelligent people and are interesting to talk to, that also makes running this business fun. Plus my renters must be pretty smart because they are renting something that depreciates instead of owning. most people only go out 3-4 times a year, and their travel trailer sits and depreciates taking up space in their drive way.

    I hope that we have something available for you and can help make that vacation a little more comfortable.

    Harmonie Wheeler